DataArt Targets Buy-Side’s Back Office Needs

By Rik Turner

Ovum, the ICT advisory brand of the Datamonitor Group, with a 25 year history of advising both enterprises and their suppliers on the business value of ICT, published a research note dedicated to DataArt’s expertise in the Capital Markets sector, specifically the needs of Buy-Side financial firms.

“DataArt, a provider of outsourced software-development services, is targeting buy-side participants in the capital markets, and it has a prestigious list of customers on the sell side to underpin its marketing. Ovum sees a niche in the market for software-development service providers with more specialist knowledge than generalist service providers such as Infosys and Wipro, but recommends that customers seek demonstrations of their financial solidity…

Companies such as DataArt, which have some prestigious names among their capital markets customers, could be a more cost-effective way of executing projects to support the multi-asset trading strategies. They have the vertical skills that might be lacking in big generalist firms such as TCS or Wipro, yet they can offer the cost benefits to be gained from outsourcing development work to Eastern Europe.”

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