DataArt Sees Mobility And Connected Devices Heating Up For 2015

By Richard Harris

App Developer Magazine features DataArt’s 2015 predictions for enterprise software, highlighting the importance of connected devices, mobile payments, and systems transparency.

“DataArt is predicting for 2015 that mobile-only and mobile-first business models will be the winners. In 2015, there will be more than 1 billion people using mobile as a primary form of Internet access. As companies seek out ways to improve their user experiences and simplify, the outcome remains if this will be a breakthrough year for user interfacing via mobile devices.

Transparency in areas such as mobile will be essential. Mobile channels, big data, and the visualization of everything, things that were previously intended for in-house usage, will increasingly be offered as a competitive advantage to maintain and win new investors, according to DataArt. Regulatory requirements for transparency will demand more within the already highly competitive market.

The company also predicts that the mobile payments space will experience a similar story as companies look to innovate ways to cut into Apple Pay’s anticipated hold on the market. DataArt’s predictions for 2015 also see backend processing heating up as there will be more service providers entering the market with end-to-end processing solutions for major payment platforms like Apple Pay.”

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