DataArt Launches Consulting Firm for Internet of Things

“DataArt, a provider of custom software solutions, has launched a consulting practice focused on development and experimentation for M2M (machine to machine)/Internet of Things (IoT). The firm is dedicated to help businesses and professionals in a variety of industries such as healthcare, logistics, cities and more.

DataArt has experience in disciplines such as embedded software, electrical engineering, prototyping, cloud platforms and API (application programming interface) design, and adding this firm places the organization at the forefront of solution providers, a company press release states.

Key offerings of the practice include:

  • Determining business areas that can benefit from IoT;
  • Prototyping IoT solutions;
  • Full stack application development for IoT;
  • Analysis of existing IoT solutions;
  • Development of custom software on top of current M2M platforms.

“The establishment of a dedicated M2M/IoT practice at DataArt is a testament to our unique position to offer customers a full suite of services that will aid them in putting M2M products and innovations to market at a faster rate than is currently possible,” said Artyom Astafurov, practice leader, M2M/IoT at DataArt. “In a sense, our new practice and the solutions it offers will markedly help accelerate the growth of the Internet of Things.””

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