DataArt Joins Biotechnology Association BIO Deutschland

Technology Networks covers the announcement of DataArt joining BIO Deutschland, Germany's biotechnology industry association.

“BIO Deutschland is one of the most influential biotech associations in Europe, established to support and promote the development of an innovative economic sector based on modern biosciences. The Berlin-based association currently has over 285 members and is active in a broad range of events that aim to provide biotechnology with a platform for discussion and interaction.

With an established Life Sciences Practice and dedicated R&D group, DataArt has accumulated extensive knowledge and deep expertise in building cutting-edge technology solutions in drug discovery and clinical trials. DataArt’s clients include prominent life sciences companies, such as Charles River Laboratories, Novaseek Research, PSI CRO, and Cancer Research UK. Within the BIO Deutschland, DataArt’s team has joined the Bio-IT, Big Data & E-Health working group.

‘Joining BIO Deutschland is a tremendous opportunity for DataArt, to share our experience, engage with other industry players, and collaborate on resolving challenges,’ said Daniel Piekarz, Head of DataArt’s Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice. ‘We’re particularly excited to join the working group dedicated to Bio-IT, Big Data & E-Health as this is our area of expertise and we look forward to helping move the industry forward.’”

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