DataArt Issues Tech Trends Predictions for 2017

Markets Media publishes Tech Trends Predictions for 2017 as envisioned by practice leads at DataArt in finance, healthcare, IoT, travel, telecom, media and entertainment sectors with major trends being Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Virtual Reality and focus on Cyber Security.

“Cyber security and data protection will become major board-level concerns as financial institutions realize that failing to protect customer information will be their biggest source of regulatory non-compliance and reputational risk.” – Cliff Moyce, Global Head of the Finance Practice, DataArt.

“Consumer-facing travel distribution brands and airline suppliers will accelerate their efforts in Artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced Machine Learning (ML). OTAs (online travel agencies) and meta data providers will continue to heavily invest into a broader framework and architecture that learns as a human, leveraging historical data to predict e-commerce options.” Greg Abbott, Head of Travel and Hospitality Practice, DataArt.

“New start-ups will explode into the healthcare industry with disruptive augmented reality products without the previous limitations of virtual reality. As this technology advances the everyday healthcare experience, it will exist on the line between the real world and virtual in what is being called mixed reality.” Daniel Piekarz, Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice, DataArt.

“For the IoT industry, 2017 will be a year of digital disruption across all industries as technology transforms markets and business models adapt to changes requiring companies to be more innovative and agile in the ‘connected economy’. Cloud enablement and Machine Learning (ML) are the obvious answers to the transformation process challenges.” Igor Ilunin, Head of the IoT Practice, DataArt.

“Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networks (SDNs) will start to transform the telecom business, enabling faster and more flexible onboarding and support of new services and giving users access to a wide range of content and applications.” Michael Lazar, Head of the Telecom Practice, DataArt.

“The entertainment industry will be faced with the task of providing enhanced experiences to engage consumers, including further adoption of virtual reality and augmented reality in the coming year.” Gregory Gor, Head of Media and Entertainment Practice, DataArt.

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