DataArt and Allianz Deutschland Host #hackNEXT - Hackathon for the Insurance Sector

Cyber Policy Magazine reports on the upcoming hackathon for the insurance sector, organized in Munich on March 23-24 by DataArt, Allianz Deutschland AG, the insurance analysts Franke und Bornberg, and the strategy and management consultancy zeb.

“The teams will face three central challenges of the insurance sector:

CHALLENGE 1: NEW CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE… How can insurance companies use digital solutions to generate customer experiences with real added value, thereby improving customers’ loyalty and readiness to recommend the product/service to others?

CHALLENGE 2: BEST AGERS – SILVER SURFERS. No demographic group is growing as quickly as the generation of over 50 year-olds. Beyond traditional insurance solutions, interesting perspectives are opening up through smart homes, mobility, e-health and social networking and matching. How can insurance companies safeguard their position for this important and increasingly digital target group?

CHALLENGE 3: INTERNET OF THINGS… How can insurance companies use IoT-based business models and technologies to achieve an advantage for their customers?”

View original article here.

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