Data Visualization’s New Shine

By Melanie Rodier

The cover story of Wall Street & Technology December issue is dedicated to data visualization. The article extensively quotes Oleg Komissarov, Senior VP of Enterpirse Solutions at DataArt, as he discusses how Wall Street firms are using new data visualization technologies to see which transactions traders should focus on, while their back offices are using visuals to help them sift through millions of data points to make sure each trade is compliant with regulators’ demands.

“Traditional tools do not give you fast and easy data discovery or foster the discovery of new trading opportunities, notes Oleg Komissarov, senior VP of enterprise solutions at DataArt, a custom software development firm that recently partnered with Aqumin, a maker of 3-D real-time visual interpretation software. Standard tables representing two-dimensional data visualization tools such as grids, charts or diagrams and some charts are still ubiquitous. But to understand what numbers mean, traders or investors traditionally dig into every record and look at what each number conveys.

In addition, advances in the open source community with big data tools and systems, such as Hadoop, have brought about a new age in data visualization tools that allow faster and easier data discovery, Komissarov continues. As such, vendors have introduced more dimension than before, with color, shape and even volume indications. The latest tools combine visualization with 3-D shapes, enabling users to make more intuitive and effective decisions in a much shorter period of time.”

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