A leading blog on mainframe computing in the 21st century, DancingDinosaur, ponders whether system z jobs are really available, quoting Alexei Miller, Executive Vice President at DataArt.

“Some large firms have reopened their college hiring” reports Alexei Miller, EVP at DataArt, a software outsourcing firm. “They’re actually talking about shortages of human capital.”

"It is ironic that the big financial firms, for example, slashed IT staffing and, now that the markets appear to be rebounding somewhat, suddenly have projects they need to complete fast. And when they try to call those people back, Miller reports, many already have been picked up by others and aren’t available."

"These projects, he notes, typically involve complex, non-standard work and massive data sets. The routine mainframe project work has long been shipped to India and elsewhere offsite. (DataArt also ships work offshore.) Rather, these are the kinds of projects that deal with pricing, risk, and compliance."

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