Cybersecurity in Healthcare

Going Public, runs an article by Julie Pelta, Senior Advisor in the Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice at DataArt UK, on five ways the healthcare industry can protect itself against cybercrime.

"Healthcare industry’s public website and web services are critical business channels, therefore it is vital that the website is always available and protected against DDoS attacks. Imperva Incapsula provides all-inclusive DDoS protection that automatically detects and mitigates attacks exploiting applications and server vulnerabilities."

"Encrypting data means the conversion of information from its original form into encoded text. Data is unreadable unless an authorised user has the necessary key or code to decrypt. Thales e-Security’s data protection solutions provide encryption and key protection to healthcare enterprises to help reduce the risks associated with holding patient data."

"SonicWall solutions improve network efficiency and minimise cyber-attacks in healthcare industry while addressing regulations over patient privacy and security set by the HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)."

"Blockchain is a distributed collection of data, digitally recorded in ‘Blocks’. The data is stored in a linear chain across many networks and hashed cryptographically. The code of each block is drawn upon the previous block in the chain, ensuring all the data in the overall ‘Blockchain’ has not been interfered with and remains unchanged. This makes it difficult for hackers to alter data, as one record in a block cannot be altered without changing other records in other blocks. This increases data security, making it easier to share patient clinical information."

"In addition, it is also important to ensure that the right amount of data is being stored for the right amount of time. The sheer magnitude of data in the healthcare industry, makes it vulnerable to cyber criminals and the longer the data is held the more valuable it becomes in the black market."

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