Cyber Care

BBT features commentary from Charlotte Lamp Davis, Vice President of Travel & Hospitality at DataArt, on the role of the travel industry in the growing M-Health sector.

A further barrier to business travellers using medical apps is also in part due to a lack of a ‘sexy’ image, according to Charlotte Lamp Davies, vice-president at technology consulting firm DataArt. But she is keen to point out that ‘TMCs are not responsible for the health of the traveller.'

However, she adds:‘Technologies shaping health provision for business travel, such as new apps, will increasingly be a part of the offering of travel insurance companies. Upselling apps is an excellent opportunity for them.’ Yet she notes awareness is still low among corporate travellers.

DataArt, which specialises in both travel and healthcare, also believes the industry is just a few years away from implants and artificial intelligence. ‘There is a strong focus on developing wearable technology’ she says. ‘Within three years there will be an increased take up as new apps and wearables are developed.’ However, in the very near future, health technology for business travellers will move beyond apps.’

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