Crisis Tactics - Staff and Internal Communication

By Mikhail Zavileysky

Mikhail Zavileysky, COO of DataArt, was approached by AmCham News, the official publication of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, to share his expert opinion on how to better manage a market crisis with the least consequences for a company.

DataArt has successfully managed two previous market crises, the dotcom burst of 2001 and a loss of a major client in 2004. Zavileysky observes that for DataArt, the current crisis is closer in its dynamics to that of 2004. “For all businesses, crises end either in fatality or recovery,” writes Zavileysky. “A company either dies or adapts. Therefore, the most constructive position is to focus on future turnaround and view current choices in their context.” He stresses the importance of clear internal communications and management’s loyalty to employees, and outlines pros and cons of several strategies for their implementation.

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