Comfortable Noise

"With its simple and effective management know-how, DataArt highlights its closeness to clients who are in fact far away from the company's development office", writes Russian Expert magazine in a four-page feature article about DataArt. The story explores key factors which make the company an exciting and comfortable place to work on the one hand - from HR policies to client management to corporate governance; and an attractive vendor for clients on the other. Eugene Goland, president of DataArt, explains why the company is close to its clients in spirit: "Our key clients are small and mid-size businesses, and their corporate cultures are close to ours – less formal and more personal. They prefer a result-oriented environment to the formal work flow heavy with paperwork. Being effective is the goal". Mikhail Zavileysky, the company's St. Petersburg-based COO, adds: "We do whatever it takes for the client to feel comfortable. We had a client who called every 15 minutes to find out how it's going. So we answered all 200 phone calls with various reassuring answers. DataArt's methodology borrowed this approach from the modern cell telephony: when you dial and wait to be connected, there is some crackling – called "comfortable noise" – and even though the noise could be eliminated, it makes the customer feel attended to. We do the same".

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