Client Communication with Outsourcers Enhanced by Web 2.0

by Alyssa Dver

Software Magazine devotes a lengthy article to the importance of Web-enabled methods of client communication in outsourced software development, and shares outstanding practices of collaboration based on the input from Alexei Miller, Executive Vice President at DataArt.

‘Clearly, what makes these new models of outsourcing succeed is a combination of newer development methodologies that ensure smaller, discrete units of work that can be closely managed, monitored, and corrected before problems become too large to rectify.

However, Agile and other time-based methodologies aren't the single solution to efficient outsourcing. Alexei Miller is an executive vice president at DataArt, which specializes in financial services outsourcing. He observes, "What is often missing is a much deeper change in thinking about software - the quality, the adaptability, the process of how systems evolve together with business needs, and the timing. To work most effectively, Agile principles must be carefully adapted to each particular situation, and therefore are implemented much more efficiently when the outsource provider is very experienced not only in the principle itself, but also in the client's specific domain."’

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