Capacity Management: Voices from the Trenches

Alexei Miller and Suhail Nabulsi

Alexei Miller, Executive Vice President at DataArt, and Suhail Nabulsi, a Managing Director at Accretive Technologies, contribute a byline article to Dealing With Technology, the Incisive Media publication dedicated to the trading technology for the sell-side. The article, “Capacity Management: Voices from the Trenches”, discusses benefits of predictive technology and system re-engineering vs. refactoring.

“In recent years, as data volumes explode and latency requirements tightening ever further, most firms find themselves constantly upgrading mission critical systems. Too often, it takes shape of a massive revamp of systems from scratch, often with a complete re-write of software code and purchasing a new set of hardware. Multi-year development and testing efforts result in a system with only a few years of active life, only to be replaced by a new system, a new multi-year effort and multi-million dollar investment,” writes Miller. “Opportunities provided by a gradual improvement and optimization of an active system—a process commonly called re-factoring—are often overlooked. Specifically, processes requiring real-time analytics such as correlation analysis, and massive data processing often benefit materially from applying smarter mathematical algorithms to select areas of existing code base, rather than re-writing the whole package on a fancier platform.”

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