Can WinMo 7 Give Microsoft New Mobile Moxie?

By Erika Morphy

TechNewsWorld discusses what Microsoft has to achieve to stay on top of the mobile software game and offers opinions of several industry experts, including Denis Margolin, Vice President of Mobile Technologies at DataArt.

"With buzz building, the pressure is even greater for Microsoft -- which has already been under enormous pressure from advances made by the iPhone and Android.

In particular, Apple' formidable array of mobile apps -- followed by a sizable number of apps for the Android platform -- is proving to be a serious competitive factor.

The emergence of centralized, heavily promoted application storefronts like Apple's App Store can be credited at least in part with moving smartphones into the mainstream. Many people have had phones with smartphone capabilities for years -- like the Nokia (NYSE: NOK) Series 60 phones popular in Europe, for example -- they just never used them as smartphones because it was not convenient, said Denis Margolin, DataArt's mobile practice leader.
"Technology advances, including the apps, have made it possible to create products and mobile services that people other than IT professionals could benefit from -- such as navigation, messaging, geographical search, Internet access and others, without having a steep learning curve or paying heavily for the data transfer," he told TechNewsWorld."

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