Can Big Data Analytics Save the eBook Market or is the Kindle Dwindle Impossible to Prevent?

ITProPortal features a bylined article by Sergey Bludov, SVP of Media and Entertainment at DataArt, who explores the potential impact of big data analytics on the publishing industry and discusses, the reasons for constrains in its adoption.

"Historically, it is advertising revenue that the publishing industry has heavily relied on. Consequently, publishers primarily collected audience information that offered value to their advertisers, not to their readers. However, now that subscription revenue has grown to half or more of total revenue for publishers, the rules have changed and the return on audience analytics has increased significantly. This wealth of available information leads publishers to rely on big data analytics for success in publishing."

"As mentioned earlier, publishers now have access to an arsenal of tools that were previously unavailable. Big data analytics enables them to collect, organize, and index data from a range of sources and identify opportunities for more efficient operation."

"In addition to providing detailed information about who their readers are, these complex analytics tools also offer insights into how each person’s reading habits may change in the future, thereby creating an incredible ability to retain customers over the long term."

"Today's technologies allow publishers to gather data about how long it took a consumer to read a book, the points at which they stopped reading, how many pages they read, and the specific passages that a customer highlighted or bookmarked."

…Used to identify meaningful patterns that exist in big data to intelligently predict the direction that consumer preferences will go, these analytics tools are game-changers in the publishing industry.“

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