C-Suite Talk Fav Tech: Dmitry Bagrov, DataArt

By Dmitry Bagrov

Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director of DataArt UK, speaks with IDG Connect about his favorite personal tech gadgets and software, listing those in the IoT space, mobile banking and time management.

“At the moment the gadgets I am most excited about are in the IoT sphere, in particular the voice activated gadgets that are transferring our homes into ‘smart-homes’. Gadgets like Amazon Echo and Google NestNest Home are especially exciting. I can, quite literally, talk to my house: From ordering my family food and setting reminders to turning down the thermostat, all at voice activated command.”

I’m really impressed by the software behind Barclays Mobile Banking. It’s a great example of customer loyalty generated by the comfort of superior user experience…It raises the question: Why has Barclays software succeeded in generating customer loyalty where others have failed? Perhaps they were the only ones who approached their software development from the angle of the customer.”

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