Building Internet of Things applications with Java ME

By Jan Stafford reviews the state of affairs in the Internet of Things, offering insight from Artyom Astafurov, Chief Innovation Officer at DataArt and co-inventor of Device Hive, who was recently a speaker on the subject at JavaOne.

“In the past, the lack of a hardware-to-software communication framework has created a big learning curve for software professionals moving to embedded development from server-side and Web application development, said Astafurov, who is also chief innovation officer for DataArt, a custom software development firm. Without that framework, enterprise-level embedded development required creating a messaging protocol and communication libraries, as well as a cloud server. The learning curve has been exacerbated by the lack of an enterprise embedded development community that provides forums, tutorials and other learning. DeviceHive was created to provide the technology and knowledge base.

"We created an abstraction layer for those who don't like embedded," Astafurov said. "It's ready for enterprise-level development. Being open source, it's not proprietary to any device manufacturer." Building good embedded applications requires a wide variety of skills. Astafurov recommends that embedded developers wear many hats rather than delving deep into the intricacies of any one language.”

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