Blockchain Technology Enters Hospitals

DataArt experts spoke with European Hospital, Germany’s leading media house dedicated to the European healthcare industry, about different ways blockchain can help hospitals with drugs and supply management, and the impact of gamification on patient engagement

“As a distribution technology, he [Denis Baranov] said it has an application for healthcare records, supply chain management and insurance. ‘It is applicable in drugs management and of supply chain management because Blockchain provides transparency of information,’ said Mr Baranov. ‘The lifecycle of a drug can be taken into the Blockchain and customers can get information on a full history of that drug, where and how it was produced and transferred.’

It can also be used to offer a full picture of a healthcare record from the hospital, patient, pharmacists and insurance providers in a secure way. Users can share data by allowing access to a channel but restricting what information is shared. ‘Blockchain is a young technology,’ he added, ‘but within the next year or two we will have real cases of applications in healthcare.’

DataArt’s Delivery Manager in Healthcare and Life Sciences, Ivan Pantykin, explained that gamification has a role in keeping patients – particularly those of a younger age – motivated while undergoing treatment or taking part in clinical trials, via the company’s KidPRO product. Traditional ePRO (Electronic Patient-Reported Outcome) systems are often barely applicable for children, who may need adult support with it but easy-to-use KidPRO combines aspects of professional medical software with gamification to make participation in a clinical trial a fun and rewarding process. Information captured by the application is available to doctors and the study team for statistical analysis through their own applications“

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