Big Data Predictions for 2016

By Andrew Brust

ZDNet runs 2016 big data and analytics predictions from 17 industry experts, and includes input from DataArt. The 60 predictions range from converged approaches and streaming analytics to industrial IoT disrupting the asset intelligence industry and AI & ML becoming mainstream. While some proclaim that "in 2016 the IoT invades the datacenter" IoT technologies are far from standardized, and that's a barrier to entry for the datacenter.

“Maybe that's why the folks at DataArt say "the IoT industry will [see] a year of competition, as platforms strive for supremacy." Maybe the data center invasion will come in 2017, then...

What's clear from almost all the predictions, though, is that the market is starting to take basic big data technology as a given, and is looking towards next-generation integration, functionality, intelligence, manageability and stability. This implies that customers will demand certain baseline data and analytics functionality to be part of most technology solutions going forwards. And that's a great sign for everyone involved in Big Data.”

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