Asking the right questions and asking the questions right: How should a project manager communicate with the team?

In ITProPortal, Eugene Veselov, Delivery Manager at DataArt, discusses best practices for managing and communicating with developer teams. He also presents three cases of challenging project situations and shares constructive ways to resolve them.

«As a rule, a person understands why they made a mistake, and does not need a detailed analysis of the reasons, e.g. their own lack of attention. The question “Why?” is perfect for lecturing, yet I hope that this is not your goal.»

«It forces a person to reiterate the causes of unconstructive behavior, makes them agonize over the wrong decision, and undermines confidence in one's own abilities and skills. The manager’s task is to solve the problem as efficiently and quickly as possible, rather than scolding a colleague, tormenting them with a detailed debriefing.»

«Suppose a project manager is talking with a senior developer. Something in the system is not working, and this problem must be solved quickly and efficiently. This is the perfect opportunity for a wording such as, “This is a difficult question. But the ability to understand problems of this level will greatly help you in your career.” It would be much more interesting for a developer to maintain such a dialogue than trying to answer a request that sounds like this: “What happened there? Half of the company is in turmoil. If you do not solve the problem, we will fire you.»

Original article can be found here.

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