Artificial Intelligence is Giving Healthcare Cybersecurity Programs a Boost

In an overview of expert opinions Healthcare It News speaks to Rafael Zubairov and Viktor Kovrizhkin, security experts at DataArt, on how AI and machine learning technologies can enhance healthcare cybersecurity systems to better identify malicious activity, prevent cybercrime and protect data.

“‘Cybersecurity is one of the most prominent use-cases for machine learning and artificial intelligence’said Viktor Kovrizhkin, a security expert at DataArt…‘The main niche for applying machine learning and complex AI systems in healthcare cybersecurity is reactive analysis and notification or escalation of potential problems. In combination with other infrastructure components, a machine learning-based approach may respond with actions to anticipate potential data leaks.’

‘Making use of artificial intelligence is a progressive action, where a system constantly trains and identifies patterns of behavior and can discriminate between those considered normal and those that require attention or action,’said Rafael Zubairov, a security expert at DataArt.‘For this, the machine can use a variety of available data sources, such as network activity, errors or denial of access to data, log files, and many more. Continuous interaction with a person and information gathering after deep analysis allow systems to self-improve and avoid future problems.’”

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