App Aimed at Pediatric Adherence Wins Pfizer Award

Euro Pharma Mag runs the announcement of DataArt winning the 2017 Pfizer Healthcare Challenge award in Munich.

“DataArt’s KidPro app is specifically aimed at paediatric patient adherence. It consists of two interconnected applications, one for the child and one for the parents, and is customisable for any clinical state."

"The child’s app is gamified, featuring an animated squirrel that guides the child through the daily schedule, suggests personalized educational content and rewards for compliance. Digital readings are captured and daily statistics are gathered, which are then reported to the parental app."

"Parents can use their app to monitor the child’s progression and condition through the data collected and reported by the child’s app. Additionally, the app provides educational content and recommendations for the child’s daily routine, diet and activity, as well as reminding the parent of the time for the child to take their medication and scheduled doctors’ appointments."

‘Treatment adherence is an important issue in healthcare, and there is a fundamental need to have a product that will help solve the challenges for the youngest patients,’ said Ivan Pantykin, delivery manager at Healthcare and Life Sciences of DataArt.‘DataArt aimed to create an animated companion for children, maximising their medication adherence and transforming it into a fun and rewarding process.’”

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