Anyone Can Be Whatever They Want... That’s A Bad Thing

In his regular blogpost in HuffPost Tech UK, Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director of DataArt UK, disapproves of educational platforms that allow anybody to teach anything. He argues that such platforms make it difficult to verify qualifications and easy to favor digital skills and social media popularity over real expertise.

“With the trend towards opening up applications such as Google Classroom and other, closed systems that used to be the preserve of experts, the so-called hot takes of social media are soon to become a norm of everyday life.

In a wider context, this poses serious issues for business and the world. So much of how we approach each other is through the prism of trust, built by experience, verified through things such as qualifications. With technology developing how it is, experience and qualifications are becoming harder to verify. For example, how many of those ‘web doctors’ really have medical degrees can never be known. …In a world where anyone can be an expert, no one is.

What is needed to combat the rise of self-declared and unverifiable expertise is a new version of self-balance systems. Where we as individuals can access a means to verify experience, expertise and qualifications, in a way acceptable to the demands of a digital society.”

View original article here.

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