Adjusting Scrum to Geographically Distributed Development

By Peter Vaihansky, Senior Vice President, DataArt

Peter Vaihansky, SVP at DataArt, continues his series of articles on Scrum, the most widely accepted Agile process which at the core relies on  relatively small, self-contained, cross functional, co-located teams working very closely together, and therefore achieving extremely high productivity and quality.

“Scrum teams are in constant, intense communication that produces emergent tacit knowledge, which enables them to build high quality software that closely meets their customers’ needs.
On the other hand, software development is now almost inherently globalized. Many companies today have development teams, partners, vendors or clients in different countries and sometimes even on different continents, many thousands of miles and time zones apart. Even within a single country, or even a single metropolitan area, an increasing number of professionals these days are working remotely.”

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