Acadian Starts Experimenting with Bing on Predictive Investing

Chief Investment Officer Magazine features expert commentary from Cliff Moyce, Global Head of the Finance Practice at DataArt, on a new partnership between Acadian XX and Bing Predicts,​ and the impact of AI and machine learning on investment management.

"Cliff Moyce, Global Head of DataArt’s Finance Practice in London, said “searching for non-intuitive insights, especially those with weak but real correlations to performance outcomes, is a well-known (but not that well-practiced) investment management strategy. Firms like Winton Capital do it very well.”

Moyce, who has worked on projects involving the automation of trading at Europe’s largest derivatives exchange and building London’s first automated equity index arbitrage system for equities, added that “what machine learning does is increase massively the amount of data, especially unstructured data that it can handle efficiently and effectively. Bing Predicts brings that capability to firms in a ready-made form, thus reducing the amount of in-house investment needed. The decision by Acadian is a significant step to machine learning becoming a standard investment management tool.”

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