A Ukrainian Brain Drain

Ilan Greenberg of The New Yorker takes a closer look at the booming yet changing information-technology market of Ukraine, where many companies have moved operations to different countries or closed. The reasons for DataArt expansion to Western Ukraine are explained by Alexei Miller, a managing partner at the company.

“Some companies in those eastern areas are looking to Ukraine’s more stable western regions. Last week, DataArt, a New York custom software company with five offices employing five hundred software developers in Ukraine, opened a new office in the Western Ukrainian city of Lviv. “I think it’s important to keep in mind that people move about for different reasons,” Alexei Miller, a managing partner at the company, told me. “I don’t see the tech industry cratering. There can be a parallel universe where the country can be in shambles, but the I.T. industry could still go on strong.” Miller said that his company’s expansion is in part recognition that Ukrainian techies are looking to relocate to Western Ukraine, but he still predicted that most software engineers in the Eastern regions will stay put. And if political or financial mayhem disrupts the work in Eastern Ukraine? Miller was dismissive. “People don’t make life decisions based on whether their local bank branch closes for a few months,” he said.”

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