7 Hot Mobile Trends for 2012

By Jeff Vance

"If 2011 was a tumultuous year, 2012 is shaping up to be even more chaotic," writes Jeff Vance of Datamation. "The inevitable invasion of smartphones and tablets into the enterprise will have CIOs scrambling to figure out BYOD solutions. Microsoft will finally start to challenge Apple and Android, and new types of mobile apps will start to emerge, such as context-aware apps and mobile wallets.

Denis Margolin, Vice President of Mobile Solutions at DataArt, shares his thoughts with Datamation on what trends will shape the mobile technology landscape in 2012 and offers the following insight.

“Microsoft used the year [2011] to polish its OS and now WP7 is a mature operating system standing on par with Android and iOS. The early sign of changes to come is that leading players (HTC and Samsung) not only developed decent hardware for WP7 (Samsung Galaxy W, HTC Titan), but have also started to advertise it extensively,” Denis Margolin, VP of Mobile Solutions for DataArt, a software development firm, wrote to me in a recent email.

The Nokia partnership could also start bearing fruit. “The Lumia 710 is an example of a cheap, yet high-quality and capable smartphone that will do very well in the European market. It's much more responsive and better built then Android handsets with comparable price points,” Margolin argues.

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