3D Visualization Tools Boost Analytics

Markets Media writes about financial services firms using three-dimensional data visualization tools to manage dynamic multi-dimensional, complex data in real time, and highlights the partnership between DataArt and Aqumin.

“Traditional two-dimensional data visualization tools such as grids, charts or diagrams are limited in their ability to parse multi-dimensional data. “Data visualization offers real-time multi-dimensional data analytics and validation,” said Oleg Komissarov, vice-president of enterprise solutions at DataArt, a custom software development firm.

DataArt has formed a partnership with Aqumin, a 3-D real-time visual interpretation solution. “Automated data validation tools often miss data breaks, whereas this 3D visualization technology improves quality controls enabling users to catch data breaks and abnormal data points, while also bolstering real-time fraud detection and network health monitoring,” Komissarov said.

By enhancing real-time data management, data visualization enables traders, portfolio managers and risk analysts to extract more value from their quoted and proprietary data.”

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