13 Companies and Organisations Transforming the Healthcare Industry

By Nicholas Fearn

TechWeekEurope features DataArt as one of the most impactful companies in the health-tech sector with its prototype-based healthcare application for children - KidPRO. The prototype brings gamification and immersive experience to pediatric patients with chronic conditions that are going through medical treatment.

“TechWeekEurope identifies some of the most interesting companies in the health-tech sector…

…Developed by DataArt, KidPro is a prototype-based healthcare application for children. It attempts to make a course of medicinal treatment fun and rewarding by ‘gamifying’ the experience, utilising pieces of professional medical software. At the heart of the app, there’s an animated character the child plays and interacts with. It cares for the child’s health, confirms their condition and reminds them about the medication they take.”

View original article here.

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