10 Tech Tasks Small Businesses Should Outsource

by Sara Angeles

Dmitry Yakovlev, VP and Systems Architect at DataArt, shares his expert opinion with Business News Daily on what small businesses should outsource, in enterprise application and project development, to cut costs and boost productivity.

“There is a good choice of business suites available on the market, like MS Office 365 and Google Apps,” said Dmitry Yakovlev, software architect at DataArt, a custom software development firm. “Businesses should outsource these types of infrastructures as much as they can, especially those that don’t have IT people in-house.” These are feature-rich applications used by other businesses, so they are frequently updated with the latest technology to keep your business agile and competitive, and don’t require the extra costs of hiring developers.

… “Development projects which are out of the team core expertise are good candidates to be passed to vendors,” Yakovlev noted.

Although some projects will require vendor autonomy, many vendors are open to collaboration, which can keep your employees involved in the project while giving them exposure to the new technology and the processes involved.

In order for businesses to ensure quality control and that everyone is on the same page, business owners should have a clear vision of exactly what they want and assign a point person with a vested interest, Yakovlev advised.”

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