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Acquirer pricing models: What actually is Interchange

6 April 2021 | DE | Media published an article by Marina Titova, business analyst at DataArt, examining the relative challenges and advantages of the blended pricing and Interchange ++ pricing models with respect to the calculation of interchange fees for payment systems. She explains why the Interchange ++ pricing model is the more attractive model for merchants and the most competitive model for acquirers.

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Security Assurance Concept for Your Business

23 March 2021 | US | Media

In a bylined article in Security Magazine, Dmitry Vyrostkov, Head of Security at DataArt, shares a step-by-step guide to setting up a security assurance process.

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DataArt Partners with Hospitio to Bring Innovative Solutions to the Travel Industry

22 March 2021 | US | Media covered DataArt’s announcement that it will be partnering with Dallas-based Hospitio Consulting and Services to help air, ground, and leisure travel companies rebuild their businesses as they emerge from the pandemic-induced global travel downturn.

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The Benefits and Challenges of Passwordless Authentication

19 March 2021 | UK | Media publishes an article by Dmitry Vyrostkov, DataArt’s Chief Security Officer, on the benefits and challenges of passwordless authentication, which Gartner predicts will soon be implemented in half of all use cases by 60% of large and global enterprises and 90% of midsize enterprises.

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How Successful Entrepreneurs Block Out Distractions and Stay Focused

15 March 2021 | UK | Media

Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director of DataArt UK, is quoted in a Forbes article, sharing his thoughts on dealing with distractions.

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11 Ways DevOps Is Evolving

18 February 2021 | US | Media

Kirill Semenov, head of DevOps at DataArt, is quoted in the Information Week article about the trends in DevOps practices.

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DataArt Partners with PROVision to Expand Commercial and Digital Service Offerings for Travel and Hospitality Clients

17 February 2021 | US | Media

Hospitality Net covers the announcement of DataArt’s partnership with PROVision, a strategic growth, marketing, technology, and commercial advisory firm serving the global hospitality and travel industry.

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DataArt Reports 2020 Results: Record Revenue, Sustainable Growth, and Expanding Workforce

16 February 2021 | US | Media

Bloomberg Business picks up DatArt’s 2020 results press release that highlights sustainable growth, expanding workforce, and record revenue.

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Asking the right questions and asking the questions right: How should a project manager communicate with the team?

12 February 2021 | US | Media

In ITProPortal, Eugene Veselov, Delivery Manager at DataArt, discusses best practices for managing and communicating with developer teams. He also presents three cases of challenging project situations and shares constructive ways to resolve them.

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Acquiring Pricing Models

3 February 2021 | US | Media

In FinTech Futures, Marina Titova, Business Analyst at DataArt, explains blended and interchange++ merchant pricing models, comparing each model's pros and cons.

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