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Cybersecurity consulting, MSSPs in channel spotlight

29 August 2021 | US | Media

TechTarget covers Domino Data Lab’s announcement of a new partner network with DataArt as an inaugural member.

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C-suite Career Advice: Andrey Shklyarov, DataArt

27 July 2021 | Media

IDG Connect interviews Andrey Shklyarov, Chief Compliance Officer at DataArt, about his career, best and worst career advice he’s received, and advice he would give to someone aiming for a C-level position.

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The Daily Standup – How do you do it?

23 July 2021 | US | Media

ITProPortal published an article by Chris Sheldon, project manager at DataArt, describing seven ways to do the daily standup, from the “round-robin” to “eat your frog.”

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7 Ways AI and ML are Helping and Hurting Cybersecurity

19 July 2021 | US | Media
Dark Reading, one of the most prominent cybersecurity magazines, published an article by Andrey Shklyarov, DataArt’s Chief Compliance Officer, and Dmitry Vyrostkov, DataArt’s Chief Security Officer, commenting on the ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can, in the right hands, enrich our cybersecurity defenses and, in the wrong hands, create significant harm.
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Op-Ed: Matt Blackmon On Common Information Security Vulnerabilities In Travel Management

6 July 2021 | US | Media
The Company Dime published an op-ed by Matt Blackmon, vice president of customer success for DataArt’s travel, transportation & hospitality practice, on the common security weaknesses and types of cyberattacks that TMCs should keep in mind as they ramp up after more than a year of meager demand.
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7 Ways to Win the IT Talent War

28 June 2021 | Global | Media
DataArt’s head of recruitment, Katerina Bannikova, was quoted in an article in CIO Magazine entitled “7 Ways to Win the IT Talent War.”
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Why Banks Must Be Ready for a ‘Less-Cash’ (But Not Cashless) Future

17 June 2021 | US | Media

An article in The Financial Brand quotes DataArt experts on digital payment security issues and the rapid adoption of real-time payment systems.

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EdTech Consultancy Supports SEED Initiative for Eating Disorders with Technology

14 June 2021 | UK | Media

FE News covers the announcement of DataArt joining forces with The Wisdom Partnership, to build a new learning platform for SEED, a UK-based charity offering support services for those suffering from Eating Disorders.

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Web Design Done Well: Making Use Of Audio

11 June 2021 | US | Media

The DataArt IT Museum was featured in a Smashing Magazine article on the use of audio in web design.

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How to Protect Online Art Platforms from Cyber Attacks

25 May 2021 | US | Media

In Hackernoon, Doron Fagelson, Engagement Manager at Data, discusses how to protect against the emerging and potentially catastrophic threat of cyberattacks against online art platforms. As the article lays out, this requires assessing susceptibility to potential threats, determining data sensitivity, assessing internal risks, establishing cybersecurity protocols, evaluating external risks, and working with a cybersecurity provider.

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