DataArt management team, Yaroslav Diatczyk

Yaroslav Diatczyk

Head, DataArt Lublin (Poland)

Lublin, Poland

Yaroslav joined DataArt in 2014 as the head of the company’s first R&D center in Poland, and is in charge of operations, production and hiring. Prior to joining DataArt Yaroslav was the head of his own software development company. He developed IT system for Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers. Yaroslav also works as a researcher at Lublin University of Technology. He is an EU Commission expert for Horizon 2020 framework program.

He has a MS degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from Bialystok University of Technology and PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Lublin University of Technology. He also holds an МВА in Human Resource Management from University of Illinois & Lublin University of Technology. Yaroslav is the author over 80 scientific publications and he is a member of Polish Academy of Science.