DataArt management team, Toby Bryans

Toby Bryans

Principal Consultant, Finance Practice

London, UK

Toby Bryans is a Principal Consultant in the Finance Practice at DataArt where he leads client engagements in banks, exchanges, and fintech firms, and heads the Trading Initiative that aims to provide the highest levels of expertise and insight to clients in trading.

Toby joined DataArt in 2016 from Nasdaq NLX, where he was Director of Onboarding. Prior to Nasdaq, he spent eight years at Schneider Trading Associates Ltd, rising to Head Strategic Technologist. Previously, he held positions in trading IT at Voltrex Options and EccoWare.

Toby helped found the FOA Technical Working Group; is a council member of the Real Time Club; and a member of the British Computer Society and Open Rights Group.

Toby is a regular press commentator on topics such as Fintech, Regtech, and trading technology. He holds a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science from Southampton University.