DataArt management team, Alexander Spivakovsky

Alexander Spivakovsky

Academic Advisor

Kherson, Ukraine

Alexander joined the company in 2007 as Region President of DataArt Kherson. He lends his academic acumen and strategic insight to ensure that DataArt remains a pillar of research and development in the region. He coordinates several high-profile IT initiatives, including International Tempus TACIS and Northern New York and Southern Ukraine: New University Partnership for Business and Economic Development. He’s a mastermind and an academic advisor to several university courses throughout Ukraine, such as Linear Algebra Distant Learning and Development of Methods and Technologies of Flexible Pedagogical Environment in IT Projects; is a co-author of The System of Linear Equations text book, and a research coordinator of the Support of Applied Math in Education study.

Prior to joining DataArt, Alexander was Vice–Rector on Information Technologies, International Relations and Socioeconomic Studies at Kherson State University.

Alexander received his PhD in Mathematics in 1985, and his post PhD in Methods of Applying IT in Teaching Advanced Math, in 2004. In 2012 he passed an IREX UASP residency at Eastern Washington University. He is the author of 104 scientific publications in algebra, information technology and pedagogy.

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