DataArt management team, Alexander Nikitenko

Alexander Nikitenko

Head, DataArt Kharkiv (Ukraine)

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Alexander is a veteran of the IT industry. He joined DataArt in 2007 and has been instrumental in building the company’s fourth development center — in Kharkiv, overseeing all aspects of operations, production and HR management. He has contributed to establishing a company-wide employee performance metrics system, and facilitated the launch of DataArt Labs – a joint project with Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (KHNURE) and with Karazin Kharkiv National University.

Prior to joining DataArt, Alexander spent over a decade working as a developer, software architect, project manager and director of a business unit in leading telecommunications and consulting companies, including INEC, IPEX and QArea. He also spent five years working in the U.S., as a consultant with the American Express and as a senior analyst with SBC Communications.

He has a MS in Computer Science from Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (KHNURE).