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PostgreSQL Application Developer, IoT platform

Position Overview

Our client is a technology company offering a smart city-focused IoT platform based on oneM2M.

The Data Exchange/Marketplace solution enables data ingestion, exposure, and entitlement across third-party data sources and users. The platform acts as a data marketplace that connects data publishers and data consumers who seek to deploy data-driven solutions. Data publishers are public or private sector organizations wanting to share data within their organizations or with others.

Data consumers are end-users (may include data publishers) that access the data to deliver solutions and services. The data can be monetized or shared freely.

The client’s data-sharing solution includes several PostgreSQL databases used for various purposes including internal accounting, microservice metadata, metrics derived from data sources, and information from sensors deployed in road infrastructure. The team utilizes the PaaS PostgreSQL service on Azure.



  • Expand the application database model to support additional use cases
  • Identify performance and query optimizations to the existing databases

Required Skills and Experience

  • Skills in database schema design for managing time-series information
  • Advanced skills in SQL query development
  • Experience in the development of PL/pgSQL functions
  • Experience maintaining large databases, including replication, backup, and partitioning on PaaS
  • Familiarity with PostgreSQL extensions which add database objects such as PostGIS
  • Hands-on experience of working with the Azure Platform, Ansible, Docker, and Linux.
  • Solid technical communication skills with previous remove development experience
  • Ability to provide advice on best practices to suit the scalability and reliability needed for the business
  • Spoken English

Nice to have

  • Experience with PostgreSQL, REST
  • TimescaleDB or other time-series data management
  • Ansible

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