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Senior DevOps / Site Reliability Engineer, Traffic Management Solutions

Position Overview

The client is the market leader in the development of DNS server software for traffic management. The DNS system created by this company is connected via API to their tools using modern DevOps principles. This ensures the reliability and performance of applications. Among the company's clients are Salesforce, LinkedIn, Squarespace, and Dropbox.

We are searching for a specialist with a high level of operational discipline, deep understanding of systems, networks, automation, and scaling.


Required Skills and Experience

  • Proficiency working with Linux
  • Operational knowledge of networking, distributed systems, and security
  • Operating and building containerized applications using Docker
  • Proficiency in scripting languages
  • Hands-on experience with configuration management tools and infrastructure as code
  • Ability to collaborate with developers to design modern internet infrastructure for operability, including metrics, logging, observability, automation, etc.
  • Expertise in troubleshooting and performance tuning of complex, high-traffic, distributed applications
  • Experience with major cloud providers
  • Troubleshooting, bug scoping, and good problem-solving skills
  • Performance and scalability testing

Nice to have

  • QA experience
  • Experience working with automated build systems such as Jenkins
  • Proficiency working with The Domain Name System, DNS tools and protocol
  • Cloud experience (Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Vultr, Packet, etc.)
  • Code versioning skills (Git/Github)
  • Skills in Metrics/logs(Elasticsearch, Logstash, Grafana, Kibana, Telegraf)
  • Container Orchestration skills: Kubernetes, Nomad, Calico, Envoy, Etcd, etc.
  • Knowledge of Hashicorp tools (terraform, vault, consul, etc.)
  • Skills in traffic load balancing, filtering, and DDoS mitigation tools
  • Experience working with PostgreSQL and operating it in multiple environments and/or regions
  • Knowledge of Linux kernel tuning, user-space networking

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