Cloud Computing Projects

Web-Based System for Targeted Advertising

DataArt helped a client to enhance a processing power of an advertising portal with the help of Amazon EC2 cloud-computing technology.

A U.S.-based customer, whose mission is to enable advertisers to deliver branded content to their target audience with more efficiency, engaged DataArt to redesign and expand the existing advertising portal. To optimize the related expenditures, the client requested that DataArt implements the project using Cloud Computing.

The portal is instrumental for the customer as it provides a wide range of unique and highly innovative advertising services, allowing advertisers to present videos and other branded content to a carefully selected audience, thus establishing a desired connection between brands and consumers.

The portal users watch entertaining branded content and video ads they love and are rewarded for their time and attention with special offers of rewards and discounts. The rewards system is implemented using special numerical codes displayed during the content's presentation. The user can then enter the displayed code into the system to become entitled to a reward, or to gain discounted access to a product from the advertised brand.

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Enterprise-level document migration and consolidation system

DataArt helped a customer to introduce an enterprise-level document migration and consolidation system based on the Windows Azure platform to reduce migration costs for the users.

DataArt’s customer is a provider of solutions for document migration and consolidation between enterprise-level storage systems. Document storage migration and consolidation systems of this type operate using data amounts ranging from gigabytes to terabytes, and transferring the data and its processing can be very time-consuming. Normally, it is not recommended or even possible to stop the system while the migration is in progress.

Since the intermediate data storage during the migration process may require significant infrastructure only while the migration is in progress, DataArt proposed a Windows Azure solution to reduce migration costs. The intermediate storage computing infrastructure is rented using Windows Azure BLOB Storage, and this infrastructure is paid for only when it is actually used.

The additional software infrastructure required for the migration and consolidation process consists of:

  • A set of connectors that transfer data from a source system(s) to a cloud
  • Those connectors that transfer the converted data from the cloud to a destination repository
  • A data conversion application in the cloud storage

In addition to being directly responsible for the circulation of documents between the systems, the connectors also synchronize the modified data.

Application for previewing and quick access to Microsoft SharePoint-based documents

DataArt helped minimize a customer’s computing resources with the Windows Azure-based external service.

DataArt’s customer is a provider of Microsoft SharePoint 2010-based solutions for storage and retrieval of enterprise-level documents. One of the requirements for the system’s functionality was to allow for quick previewing of relevant pages in a located document without downloading the whole document from a server. This capability is especially important for accessing search results when the user needs to locate a document within a retrieved batch of documents, as it saves significant amounts of time.

The Windows Azure-based external service and data storage can be used as one of the possible configurations of the system to minimize the customer’s own computing resources. The purpose of the service is mass document processing, their conversion into a platform-independent preview format, and access to the processed documents’ previews.

The following Windows Azure features have been used during the project’s development:

  • BLOB storage
  • Table storage
  • Queues
  • Workers
  • Web roles
  • Multi tenancy for data storage and processing
  • On-demand scalability for both the processing units and the storage

A Cloud application for organizing corporate events, conducting surveys and managing routine HR-tasks

DataArt developed an easy-to-use, scalable application on to help minimize IT expenditures for the client.

DataArt’s customer was searching for a solution to help HR-managers with their every-day tasks, such as notifying personnel about new vacancies, conducting surveys and gathering feedback from the staff. The application had to be easy to modify and have minimal administering. The following platform components were used on the project:

  • Visualforce to prepare a set of compelling templates for different kinds of surveys
  • Apex for implementing non-trivial business logic and data processing
  • Different data sharing mechanisms


  • Trigger e-mail notifications for newly opened vacancies
  • Reminders
  • Generate reports and dashboards

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