Computer Vision Software

Custom Computer Vision Application Development

Computer vision (CV) applications comprise a set of technology tools for analyzing and extracting structured data from images and video streams to organize information, automate and control processes, model environments and detect events. Sophisticated algorithms for identifying and analyzing moving images allow automating and integrating a wide range of processes and representations for vision perception, from calculating car coordinates, to detecting tumors and recognizing patterns.

DataArt works with the following industries to help clients take advantage of computer vision technologies:

  • Automotive
    • Driver assistance systems (navigation)
    • Accident prevention systems
    • Self-driving cars
  • Healthcare
    • Medical image analysis (X-ray, MRI, cell microscopy)
    • 3D image reconstruction
    • Optical data entry (medical studies)
  • Media
    • Ad targeting based on emotion recognition
    • Consumer behavior analysis
    • Augmented reality

While there is disconnect between academic research and practical application of computer vision, DataArt is well -positioned to bridge this gap through its practical knowledge of computer vision (and related areas) and sophisticated software development processes.

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