DataArt Partners

  • Microsoft

    Microsoft offers an array of products and business solutions that can help DataArt's customers automate processes, make more profitable decisions, and accelerate company's growth. By partnering with Microsoft, DataArt can extend its market reach, reduce costs, increase profitability, and help customers achieve their full business potential.

    DataArt has been a member of Microsoft .NET Early Adopter Program (.NET EAP) since its inception in November of 2000. DataArt was accepted into the program from fewer than 40 selected software companies worldwide. DataArt was also featured during a keynote presentation by Bill Gates at Microsoft .NET Visual Studio global launch event in February 2002, and also during regional launch events in Russia.

  • is the worldwide leader in on-demand customer relationship management services. It also provides cloud platform as a service (PaaS) which enables software vendors to easily build and run business applications in the clouds. There is no need to install and maintain software or hardware and developers can focus exclusively on software development. Being alliance consulting partner, DataArt provides full set of qualified consulting and development services.

  • GridGain

    GridGain Systems develops Java-based open source middleware platform for businesses who use real time big data as a strategic asset and who need live data business analytics and processing.

    GridGain is the only one middleware in the world that integrates Computational Grid and In-memory Data Grid, two fundamental technologies into one cohesive product. It enables companies to easily build highly scalable real-time compute and data intensive distributed zero-deployment applications that work on any managed infrastructure - from a small local cluster, to private grid, to large private, public and hybrid clouds. GridGain compatible with any IaaS and PaaS platform.

  • Aqumin

    Aqumin provides real time visual interpretation solutions for big data. In areas of Business Intelligence, Risk & Compliance, Trading, Regulatory & Surveillance, Investment Research, Data Analytics, Investment Banking, and Wealth Management, Aqumin's AlphaVision™ software brings a larger field of vision and unique insight into real-time intraday activity and historical trends.

  • Imagine Software

    Imagine Software offers access to the Imagine Financial Platform and Imagine Marketplace, new offerings that provide a cloud-based environment for the financial community to use and create applications - Imagine Apps - that leverage, customize, and extend the Imagine Trading System in a limitless manner.

  • OpenFin

    OpenFin provides software for deploying native desktop applications using HTML5. Financial industry providers, including trading platforms and single dealer platforms, are choosing HTML5 over technologies such as Flash and Silverlight. OpenFin accelerates HTML5 adoption by enabling native windowing experience, high performance, finance-grade security and seamless integration with existing Flash, Silverlight, Java, .NET and C++ applications.

  • OpenTravel Alliance

    DataArt is now a proud member of OpenTravel Alliance, a non-profit organization which develops open data transmission specifications for the electronic exchange of business information for the travel industry.

  • Travel Technology Initiative

    The Travel Technology Initiative is a European industry user group that promotes the development and use of open systems within travel, tourism and leisure.

  • International Association of Outsourcing Professional

    The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) is a global membership-based organization shaping the future of outsourcing as a management practice, as a profession, and as an industry. Its members are line and staff, executives and managers, with the vision and expertise it takes to design, implement, and manage their company’s global corporate ecosystem.

  • American Chamber of Commerce in Russia

    American Chamber of Commerce in Russia has evolved into the largest and most influential foreign business organization in Russia. It is an impact player in the policymaking arenas of both the U.S. and Russian governments, endorsing solutions to trade and investment issues that protect and benefit the interests of over 800 U.S., international and Russian member companies - 130 of which belong to the St. Petersburg AmCham Chapter.

  • Russo-British Chamber of Commerce

    The Russo-British Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee that has worked to promote trade and cooperation between the UK and Russia since 1916, helping companies in both countries to find trading partners and representing the interests of its member companies of all sizes.

    With offices in London, Moscow and St. Petersburg, the modern-day Chamber provides up-to-date advice, research and market-entry support (to Russia and to UK) along with regular information through our website, weekly e-mail newsletter, the RBCC Observer, and monthly members' magazine, the RBCC Bulletin.

  • New Jersey Technology Council

    The New Jersey Technology Council provides business support, networking opportunities, information, advocacy and recognition of technology companies and their leaders. Founded in 1996, NJTC's more than 1,200 member companies work together to support their own enterprises while advancing New Jersey's status as a leading technology center in the United States.

  • Executive Council of New York

    DataArt has joined the Executive Council of New York, an exclusive association bringing together New York business community, aimed at fostering knowledge creation, information sharing, professional networking and business development.

    By joining the Executive Council, DataArt's New York executive team will have access to potential new clients and partners in the Tri-state area. DataArt will participate in the Executive Council programs which focus on critical business and leadership issues at the intersection of technology and business, such as venture capital, security, and outsourcing, among others.