• 13 November 2015

    The Friday Interview: Roman Chernyshev, SVP Healthcare & Life Sciences at DataArt

    For their weekly interview, Pixel Health caught up with Roman Chernyshev, Senior Vice President – Healthcare and Life Sciences at DataArt, to discuss the future of technology in the world of health and how data can unlock the potential for vastly improved services. “What’s coming next [...]

  • 12 November 2015

    Who's to blame for a data breach?

    By Sooraj Shah Following a recent security breach at JPMorgan Chase, UK’s Computing magazine states that it’s "no longer a shock when a huge company is hit by a crippling cyber-attack.” To find out who should carry the blame for a data breach – and how the issue should be addressed [...]

  • 10 November 2015

    Unicredit Appathon 2015: 18.000 Euro für Private-Banking-, Teenager- und Commodity-Apps

    Germany’s IT Finanz Magazine covers the Unicredit Apathon 2015, sponsored by DataArt, that took place in Munich. "Munich welcomed 17 teams to the HypoVereinsbank HVB Forum. Within 24 hours the German Appathon participants developed - at the same time with the teams in Austria and Italy [...]

  • 9 November 2015

    DataArt Round Table Discusses the Implications of Innovation

    A-Team Group attends a round table hosted by DataArt in London, and offers an insightful recap of the evening that was dedicated to disruptive technologies in the financial services sector. "Financial services firms need to innovate to meet changing client expectations, but will innovation [...]

  • 6 November 2015

    Are bankers just rearranging deckchairs?

    Chris Skinner, the moderator of DataArt’s round table on disruptive technologies in the financial sector that took place in London on November 4, shares some takeaways from the evening. "The theme of the meeting was whether the financial industry is being transformed by technology [...]

  • 5 November 2015

    Data Lakes: Uncharted Waters

    By Anthony Malakian "As capital markets firms look to extract value from large volumes of unstructured data residing within their environments, data lakes are generating significant interest. But firms need to be wary that the data lake they’re setting out to create doesn’t turn into [...]

  • 27 October 2015

    DataArt provides QA consulting to Credorax

    PaymentEye, the foremost global news intelligence tool in the payments sector, picked up the news of DataArt partnering with Credorax, a global digital merchant acquiring bank, to help implement "recent go-live implementation of ePower 2.0, the company’s proprietary single, unified and automated [...]

  • 15 October 2015

    Op risk experts question banks' cyber strategy

    By Steve Marlin As October is a designated National Cyber Security Awareness Month in the U.S., Risk.net runs a feature story on banks’ cyber strategy. Speaking with experts from the field, the article explores various aspects of operational risks in financial institutions, from flawed technology [...]

  • 30 September 2015

    Flexibility crucial in attracting millennials

    By Jane Bird In a special report on millennials, the Financial Times speaks with one of DataArt's project managers in London and discovers that the company is a visionary employer attracting the best young talent thanks to its flexible schedules and challenging projects, much valued by young professionals [...]

  • 11 September 2015

    Wall Street Vs. Silicon Valley

    By Galen Stops Galen Stops of Profit & Loss observes financial technology startups of Silicon Valley challenging the rule of established banks of Wall Street in both retail and investment banking. Alexei Miller, head of Financial Services Practice at DataArt, takes the edge off the potential [...]