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DataArt Partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Drive the Benefits of AWS-based Infrastructure to Its Clients

12 December 2016 | USA | Press Release / Other Industries

New York, NY— December 12, 2016 — DataArt, a global technology consultancy that designs, develops and supports unique software solutions, announced today that it became an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partner. Amazon Partner Network (APN) provides support and access to a broad range...

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Inspirational Woman: Charlotte Lamp Davies | Vice President, Travel & Hospitality, DataArt

7 December 2016 | UK | Media / Travel & Hospitality

Charlotte Lamp Davies, VP of Travel & Hospitality at DataArt, speaks about the challenges and opportunities of her career journey with London's popular professional women's portal We Are The City.

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Would You Fall For The Latest Ingenious Bank Scam?

7 December 2016 | UK | Media / Finance

The Telegraph reports on the new and sophisticated scam targeting Lloyds customers, featuring commentary from Cliff Moyce, Global Head of the Finance Practice at DataArt.

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If streaming is now worth billions of dollars, where’s all the money going?

5 December 2016 | Blog / Blockchain

Streaming, downloading, publishing, copyright laws, piracy, commissions, royalties, breakage, indie labels – the diverging complexities of the current music industry ecosystem and where the money is going continues to be the hot topic of conversation these days. The big question on everyone’s...

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The Rise of Distributed Working

4 December 2016 | UK | Media / Other Industries

Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director of DataArt UK, spoke with Racounteur/Sunday Times about distributed working becoming a prevalent trend in the workplace across industries.

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How Blockchain Helps Achieve More Efficient Regulatory Compliance

2 December 2016 | USA | Media / Finance Blockchain

The FCPA Blog features Cliff Moyce, Global Head of the Finance Practice at DataArt, as he explores the applications of blockchain technology in the regulatory compliance processes.

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The Last Mile of Population Health Management

30 November 2016 | USA | Media / Healthcare & Life Sciences

Egor Kobelev and Daniel Piekarz, executives in the Healthcare and Life Sciences practice at DataArt, take population health management to a practical level and discuss specific initiatives and key drivers of their successful implementation.

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In Tech, The Answer To Life, The Universe And Everything Is Not 42 - It’s Integration

23 November 2016 | UK | Media / Other Industries

In his new installment for HuffPost Tech UK, Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director of DataArt UK, suggests that the tech world should embrace integration rather than continue to focus on innovation.

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The New IT Experience: Cloud as a Solution to Legacy System Problems in Financial Services

23 November 2016 | USA & UK | Media / Finance

Cliff Moyce, Global Head of the Finance Practice at DataArt, writes in TabbFORUM about Cloud computing as a strategic solution for resolving legacy system problem.

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The Urge of the New: Fighting off Tech Hype in a Corporate Environment - a Civilian’s Guide

17 November 2016 | UK | Media / Other Industries

Alexei Miller, Managing Director at DataArt, shares his advice on making corporate technology choices with readers of AMBA (The Association of MBAs), which includes examining the company's eco-system, letting others test the tech first, and not falling for hackneyed concepts.

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