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DataArt Announces 2015 Results: Record Revenue, Global Expansion & Refined Service Offering

3 February 2016 | USA | Press Release / Financial Services

New York & London - February 3, 2016 - DataArt, a global technology consulting firm that creates end-to-end solutions for enterprise clients in select industries, today announced impressive 2015 results: record revenue of $71M - a 31% increase year-on-year, further expansion to Western Europe and...

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Private/Permissioned Blockchains Next Up for Distributed Ledgers

2 February 2016 | USA | Media / Financial Services

By Elizabeth Wu WatersTechnology asked Peter Vaihansky, Senior Vice President at DataArt, about the benefits of blockchain technology and how it differs from bitcoin. “What it does very well is it brings everybody in a multilateral situation on to the same page... and it's achieved mathematically,...

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The Four Big Trends in the Communications Marketplace for 2016

29 January 2016 | USA | Media / Other Industries

By Chris Wilder. Forbes looks ahead at communications trends in 2016, listing a few key market players to watch for. DataArt is highlighted as a firm that adjusted its business model to provide consulting within specific vertical markets and is at the forefront of integrating open source technologies...

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How to be certain about your data in an uncertain future

28 January 2016 | UK | Media / IoT/M2M

The Register discusses the many ways that sensitive data can be compromised and the need for properly executed flexible data structures, extensively quoting Artyom Astafurov, head of IoT/M2M practice at DataArt. “Another risk to look for is vendor lock-in, warned Artyom Astafurov, senior...

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Millennials: What can the Healthcare System Learn from Millennials?

26 January 2016 | USA | Media / Healthcare & Life Sciences

By Dan Piekarz, VP of Business Development, Life Sciences at DataArt In a bylined article for HealthIT and mHealth Dan Piekarz looks at the traits of Millennials who are about to become the largest generation of Americans and a primary economic force. Yet to win their hearts, the healthcare industry...

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What is Travel Technology Exactly and What Challenges does it Face?

25 January 2016 | UK | Media / Travel & Hospitality

As ITB Berlin, the world’s largest travel trade show, celebrates its 50th anniversary, the organizes arranged a series of interviews with the industry leaders around the globe. Charlotte Lamp Davies, VP of Travel & Hospitality, Europe at DataArt, talks about the future of travel tech and women’s role...

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Fintech and the Fear of Froth

21 January 2016 | USA | Media / Financial Services

Contemplating the future of financial technology in Institutional Investor, Jeffrey Kulter asks the industry leaders to reconstruct the definition of fintech, "since everyone wants a piece of it" but "the concept is vague and undifferentiated." Alexei Miller of DataArt offers his insight. "Alexei...

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Healthcare Industry Expects Predictive Medicine Instead of Reactive Medicine

19 January 2016 | Blog

Roman Chernyshev, the leader of Healthcare & Life Sciences practice, shares his view on medical wearables, “smart artificial limbs”, conservatism of the industry and Big Data in medicine. - Who are the leaders in the medtech market - start-ups or corporations? - It's quite a difficult question...

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What the Whole World Can Learn from Travel Technology

13 January 2016 | USA | Media / Travel & Hospitality

Hotel News Resource runs an article by Greg Abbott, SVP of Travel and Hospitality at DataArt, on the transformations taking place in the travel industry, where he explains how establishing common standards helped to consolidate, simplify and streamline the once scattered process of travel planning, a...

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DataArt Names Moyce a Global Head

13 January 2016 | USA | Media / Financial Services reports that DataArt "has appointed financial services and capital markets executive Cliff Moyce to head its financial practice". "DataArt Managing Director Alexei Miller said: "His experiences in everything from building and launching major new mortgage and insurance companies,...

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