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How Sports Teams, Athletes and Fans Reap the Rewards of Big Data

9 October 2018 | US | Media & Entertainment
In ITProPortal, Russell Karp, VP of Media and Entertainment Practice at DataArt, highlights the role of big data in revolutionizing player recruitment, training, and performance.
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Privacy in Connected Cars

5 October 2018 | Germany | IoT/M2M
In an interview with IT Zoom, Igor Ilunin, Head of IoT at DataArt, suggests the best preventive measures against unauthorized access to the user and vehicle data.
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BANKEX Partners with DataArt to Launch Cryptocurrency Storage Solution

2 October 2018 | UK | Blockchain
Institutional Asset Manager covers the announcement of DataArt’s partnership with BANKEX to build and launch a blockchain-powered crypto storage service that offers protection against natural damage, virtual attacks, and human error.
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Supply Chain in the Flow

2 October 2018 | Germany | Other Industries Blockchain features an article by Kirill Timofeev, Senior Project Manager at DataArt, about the potential of blockchain technology to help the pharma industry keep up with the growing demand for speed, transparency, pricing, and security.

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IoT Now Transport

28 September 2018 | UK | IoT/M2M
InIoT NowTransport, Igor Ilunin, Head of IoT at DataArt, reviews the initiatives around the world to curtail traffic, cut collisions, increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions.
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DataArt’s Denis Baranov Talks Blockchain in Retail at eCommerce Expo 2018

26 September 2018 | Blockchain Retail & Distribution
Coin Rivet covers the announcement of the eCommerce Expo panel discussion on the benefits of blockchain in the retail sector, featuring Denis Baranov, Principal Consultant at DataArt.
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The Parking Spot and Travelport Announce New Airport Parking Booking Tool for Travel Agents

25 September 2018 | Travel & Hospitality
MarketWatch picks up the announcement by The Parking Spot and Travelport of the New Airport Parking Booking Tool for Travel Agents, built by DataArt.
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Are Hackers Part of the Smart Cars’ Future?

24 September 2018 | Germany | IoT/M2M
Igor Ilunin, Head of IoT at DataArt, shares the potential dangers of connected cars with German Security Insider, and discusses the measures to ensure security of networked vehicles.
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AI: Better Broadcasting?

16 September 2018 | UK | Media & Entertainment

In the cover story on AI and broadcasting, Euromedia seeks the advice of a “Brains Trust of industry players,” including Russell Karp, Vice President of Media and Entertainment at DataArt.

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How Safe is Your Online Banking?

10 September 2018 | UK | Finance

This is Money provides an overview of banks’ cybersecurity practices and offers commentary from Cliff Moyce, Global Head of the Finance Practice at DataArt, on the effectiveness of such measures.

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