DataArt in the News

Global Technology Consultancy DataArt Has Joined the FIX Trading Community, the Non-Profit Industry-Driven Standards Body at the Heart of Global Financial Trading

11 May 2017 | UK | Finance

Institutional Asset Manager covers the news of DataArt joining the FIX Trading Community to collaborate with the industry experts and help shape the future development of the FIX Protocol. “The consultancy joins the FIX Trading Community to advance the business and technical discussion,...

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Managing the Machines

8 May 2017 | UK | Other Industries

European Supermarket Magazine features commentary from Denis Baranov, Senior Solution Architect at DataArt, on implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning in grocery retailers’ key operations such as stock management and customer data analytics for personalized offerings.

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Can Wearable Technology Be Finance’s Next Smartphone?

5 May 2017 | Europe | Finance

FX-MM features commentary by Alexander Makeyenkov, SVP, Finance Practice at DataArt, on the progress of wearable technology into the realm of business applications and financial applications in particular.  “Wearable technology in financial applications is at the beginning of the growing...

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How Robo-Advisors are Satisfying our Demand for Digital

5 May 2017 | US | Finance

FX-MM features commentary by Alexey Utkin, SVP, Finance Practice at DataArt, on the role of robo – advisors in improving understanding of customers and reducing the cost of financial advice.

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Digital health: clearing a path for adoption

3 May 2017 | UK | Healthcare & Life Sciences

Julie Pelta, Senior Consultant at DataArt’s Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice, looks at the challenges around the adoption of digital health solutions. She offers advice on how to navigate difficulties around reimbursement and to help align the agile digital culture with a bureaucratic NHS system.

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Questions Are Obsolete - The Information Is Out There

2 May 2017 | UK |

Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director of DataArt UK, contributes an article to Huffpost Tech UK, exploring the implications of widely accessible personal information on political tactics as well as other areas of our lives.

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Cyber Risks Muddy M&A Waters

1 May 2017 | USA | Finance

Fund Technology quotes Viktor Andonov, President of DataArt Bulgaria, in the overview of expert opinions on cyber security risks around mergers and acquisitions. “The role of [a] cybersecurity due diligence process is not well understood in the industry. Currently, there are no clear practices...

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Makeyenkov: Blockchain Leaves its Mark

26 April 2017 | Europe | Finance Blockchain

Alexander Makeyenkov, SVP, Finance Practice at DataArt shares insights about more efficient insurance process management and distribution channels with Versicherungswirtschaft-heute. “While insurance companies still rely heavily on brokers and dedicated sales partners, delivering...

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DataArt Partners with World Leader PSI CRO to Develop Budget Software

25 April 2017 | Europe | Healthcare & Life Sciences

Manufacturing Chemist covers DataArt’s partnership with PSI CRO to develop anew budget system that automates and streamlines PSI’s budget calculation process. The software provides a better view of the clinical trial progressand offers reliable analytics for better trial-management decisions.

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People Can Relax: Robot Healthcare Is not About to Take Over, Says Life Sciences Tech Consultant

21 April 2017 | UK, USA | Healthcare & Life Sciences

Roman Chernyshev, SVP of Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice at DataArt, writes for IoT global network on the speed and extent of AI adoption in healthcare.

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