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Cyber Attacks will Happen Again and Again

28 June 2017 | Europe | Other Industries

Les affaires interviews technology experts on the security and privacy of the digital economy. Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director of DataArt UK, notes the failure of the institutions, security policies and user education efforts to keep up with the speed of technological development and the resulting risks.

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Cyber Attacks - a Risk to Confidence in the Digital World.

28 June 2017 | Europe | Other Industries

As connected objects integrate into our lives, consumers may find themselves at risk of cyber attacks. Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director of DataArt UK, shares his thoughts on the security and privacy risks inherent in the connected economy with

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Three Developments to Look Out for in Blockchain this Year

27 June 2017 | UK | Finance Blockchain

Fintech Finance publishes an article by Denis Baranov, Senior Solution Architect at DataArt, where he discusses key factors that point to the maturity of blockchain as a technology. These include active use of blockchain as opposed to proof of concept, expansion of use-cases and a real interest from the regulators.

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Getting the Measure of Digital Transformation

23 June 2017 | UK | Travel & Hospitality

Tnooz covers the sixth annual DataArt Question Time Event that brought together the leading experts from the travel technology industry to discuss digital transformation. Alex Shchedrin, Vice President of the Travel and Hospitality Practice at DataArt, spoke about company culture and product innovation.

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Blockchain is Coming of Age – Three Developments to Look out for in Blockchain this Year

21 June 2017 | Europe | Finance Blockchain

Denis Baranov, Senior Solution Architect at DataArt, identifies three trends developing around blockchain in Global Banking & Finance Review Magazine.

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The Top 5 Questions Hotel Companies and Tech Suppliers Need to Ask When Looking for a Development and Consulting Partner

20 June 2017 | US | Travel & Hospitality

Andrew Sanders, VP of Travel & Hospitality at DataArt, explores key factors that distinguish a good development and consulting partner for hotel companies in Hotel Online.

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Evolution Versus Revolution in Digitalization

16 June 2017 | Europe | Finance

Alexander Makeyenkov, SVP of the Finance Practice at DataArt, explores the risks and benefits of revolutionary and evolutionary approaches to digitalization in DOK.magazin.

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Blockchain Reinvented

13 June 2017 | US | Finance Blockchain

Fund Technology quotes Peter Vaihansky, SVP, DataArt, in the overview of expert opinions on the prospects of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA).

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Guest Engagement and the Customer's Digital Journey According to DataArt

13 June 2017 | US | Travel & Hospitality

Hotel Online posts DataArt’s latest findings on critical areas that operators and suppliers need to champion to ensure optimal guest engagement. These include: consistency of approach, frictionless interaction and providing tools to ensure guests enjoy their experiences before, during and after their hotel stay.

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Impact, Insight and Inspiration at the Healthcare Tech Innovation Forum

9 June 2017 | US | Healthcare & Life Sciences

DataArt sums up the key takeaways from its full-day Healthcare Tech Innovation Forum, hosted in partnership with MedStartr and PwC on June 5, 2017.

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