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Telehealth – The New Unavoidable Force in the Healthcare Industry

12 April 2018 | Germany | Healthcare & Life Sciences

In, Roman Chernyshev, Director at DataArt UK, explores opportunities created by telehealth.

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TradeTalks: 4 Global Fintech Trends Dominating 2018

11 April 2018 | USA | Finance Blockchain

Peter Vaihansky, SVP at DataArt, speaks with Jill Malandrino of Nasdaq TradeTalks about 2018 global fintech trends, including the reasons AI will be a game changer, the role of big data in AI solutions, and the impact of digitalization and blockchain on the sector

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Three Ways to Use Blockchain in Medicine

In MedTech Engine, Denis Baranov, Principal Consultant at DataArt, suggests several ways in which blockchain can be used to benefit the healthcare industry.

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Blockchain: Downfall or the Future of Utilities?

10 April 2018 | UK | Finance Blockchain

Forbes speaks with blockchain experts about possible directions that the utilities market transformation may take, and the role of blockchain in it. Denis Baranov, Principal Consultant at DataArt, shares the first cases of blockchain-powered energy trade.

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Healthcare and Life Sciences Predictions 2018

9 April 2018 | Germany | Healthcare & Life Sciences

In, Daniel Piekarz, Head of the Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice at DataArt, reviews the most prevalent technology trends in the sector in 2018.

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Which Tech Trends Drive 2018?

3 April 2018 | Germany | Finance

In vb versicherungsbetriebe, leaders of DataArt’s Finance Practice, Cliff Moyce, Alexander Makeyenkov and Denis Baranov, share insights on key technology trends impacting business in 2018, and discuss new AI applications for the insurance industry.

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Evaluate Machine Data

27 March 2018 | Germany | IoT/M2M

Web & mobile developer asks industry experts about the best tools for efficiently evaluating vast amounts of sensor data. Igor Ilunin, head of IoT at DataArt, highlights Cloud platforms as the basis for IoT data analytics.

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Machine Learning Helps Banks Cut Fraud and Prep Stress Tests

26 March 2018 | UK | Finance Blockchain

Financial Times explores the role of machine learning in financial services organizations’ risk management strategies, including fraud detection, anti-money laundering, and credit assessment. Alexey Utkin, Principal Solution Consultant in the Finance Practice at DataArt, highlights the ability of the technology to identify the subtlest fraud indicators and provide large-scale operational cost savings.

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Uber Autonomous Vehicle Death Raises Questions for UK Law Review

22 March 2018 | UK |

In Computer Weekly, Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director of DataArt UK, discusses the possible reasons behind the self-driving Uber’s failure to avoid hitting and killing a pedestrian in Arizona. 

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Blockchain – a New Driver for the Healthcare Industry?

20 March 2018 | Germany | Healthcare & Life Sciences

Ärztezeitung examines the uses and risks of blockchain in healthcare, featuring commentary from Denis Baranov, Principal Consultant at DataArt, on the role of blockhcain in enabling system interoperability and timely access to up-to-date patient data.

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