Security & Confidentiality

We have a reputation to maintain

Our principles

  • The code and other intellectual property we develop always belongs to the Client
  • We don't compete with our clients' business
  • We take full responsibility for protecting clients' confidential data
  • Our policies and processes are transparent to our clients and employees
  • We only hire personnel we can fully trust
  • Trust is not a substitute for diligence

Our Setup

  • Founded in 1997 as a New York C-Corp, no history of litigation, excellent reputation
  • Strong balance sheet and consistent financial performance Stable management team
  • High level of diversification on all levels, largest client 5%
  • Strong NDA with all employees in accordance with local laws E&O and other business insurance
  • Authorized vendor for number of Fortune 500 companies, including leading U.S. and U.K. financial institutions

Our operations

  • We train and test personnel in issues of security and confidentiality
  • Routine due diligence for all hires
  • Per-project compliance monitoring
  • Project kick-off, ramp-down, and staffing security and compliance checks
  • Sophisticated technical infrastructure to allow per-project secure communications and storage
  • Physical security – 24/7, flexible access schedule, ability to secure specific room for project teams
  • Segregation – in most projects, we separate the software and the data. For instamce, in financial services projects we can work with forms, algorithms and fake data, and not with the actual trades or models. The final testing and deployment and data population takes place on the client’s premises and is handled by their internal staff
  • Technical measures to ensure the security of sensitive information:
    • Secure VPNs (virtual private networks)
    • Redundant servers and data storage (provided by DataArt by default)