Telecom Software Development

DataArt's advanced experience spans from developing network performance analysis systems and telephony network testing systems to enterprise mobile content portals; software for PBXs, phones and mobile communication devices; call centers and telecommunication systems integration.

Among DataArt's customers in the Telecom sector are Motorola, Spirent Communications Inc., Network Physics and HTC. DataArt has been involved in many weighty telecom projects, including development, enhancement and maintenance of the customer's telecom products.

The two primary areas of Telecom technology offerings by DataArt are Computer Telephony and Network Analysis and Monitoring.

Computer Telephony

Integrated Solutions

  • Telephony network test systems
    • Development of test calls traffic configuration for various Analog, TDM and IP protocols (CAS, ISDN PRA and BRA, SIP, H.323, etc.), including erroneous behavior
    • System performance analysis
    • Online network status monitoring
    • Sophisticated system of results and statistics representation
  • Software components of integrated communication platform
    • Operator's Smart Terminal
    • PBX Configurator
    • Online status monitoring, statistics
    • Development/integration of CRM and ERP modules
  • Call Centers
    • System development (including ACD with flexible routing procedures, IVR, online status monitoring, statistics, reporting, voice recording, various operator roles and rights, outgoing access)
    • System integration with existing communication platforms (PBX, Telephony Cards, Soft Switch.)
    • System integration with related SW systems (CRM, ERP, Telemarketing, Polling, etc.)


DataArt engineers have developed custom software components for communication platforms to meet customers' specific requirements

  • Telephony API providers
    • Implementation of vendor-specific telephony protocol extensions
    • Integration with vendor-specific frameworks
    • Development for distributed network solutions
  • VoIP traffic analyzer (SIP, SIP-T)

Telecommunication Network Monitoring

Network Performance Analysis Systems

DataArt assisted one of its clients, an expert in Network Application Management, in developing its main product - Network Performance Analysis System, which featured the following elements:

  • Online network status monitoring
  • Problem nodes detection
  • Failure prediction
  • Statistics and reporting
  • User Web interface integration

xDSL Analysis and Diagnostics Software

  • Development of the distributed systems for xDSL lines testing and analysis

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